How it all started

The late Tony Ogden, co-founder of this Cluster wrote in 2010 –

“In the spring of 1993, I received a call from Ken Evans of Mallorca asking that the Costa Blanca Club join them for their Charter night, 6 of us jumped on a plane, and had a wonderful weekend.

On the Sunday we were sitting round the pool of Ken’s house, trying to recover from the festivities of the dinner, when he suggested to me we formed a Mediterranean Cluster and meet every year, I was a young 60 and agreed to help form the get together

Returning to Javea I assumed we would meet again in 1994. Two weeks later I received a call from Ken. “All organized”, he said. “You are back here for the first Cluster, in the autumn.” And so we were, plus our wives, another great weekend.

In 1994 we hosted here on the Costa Blanca. The visitors all stayed in our homes. I remember cooking breakfast for the then National President and National Vice President. This was repeated when the Algarve club made it a sporting weekend of golf and bowls.

It was the turn of Gibraltar in 1996 where, because most of their members lived in apartments, we all stayed in an hotel, and at the AGM that year we passed a resolution to re-name ourselves the “Iberian Cluster”.

Over the years we have had some memorable events – some refusing to get on a boat to attend the AGM as the sea was too choppy; waiting so long for our dinner while the restaurant plied us with wine and the sea shanties became more outrageous as each hour went by; rushing Mallorca members to Granada airport as they had missed their Malaga flights; and one of our own members posting the plane tickets, so the whole party arrived at the airport without them!

However it has all been made very worthwhile by the lasting friends we have all made and renew every time we meet.”